Erin Fasano

Erin graduated from Hart Conservatory and is an orchestra teacher with a local school district. Erin's desire to play music started at an early age, first with the piano then she moved on to the violin. She is classically trained but has a great love for country, bluegrass and Celtic music. Erin's dad would've been proud to see his daughter playing in his favorite band, Six Gun.

  Terry Hallock

Terry's grandfather bought him his first guitar in 1979 and Terry found his passion. After moving with his family to Virginia where Terry honed his country pickin' skills. he played in a number of bands while in Virginia and shared the stage with many artists such as: Confederate Railroad, Colin Raye, Keith Urban and the Ranch, Patti Loveless, Johnny Paycheck, T. Graham Brown, Tommy Cash, The Platters and Eddie Raven. Terry found his way back to New York in late 2000 and became the lead guitarist for Six Gun in 2001. Due to a family medical problem, Terry had to leave Six Gun in late 2009 but found his way back to the band in June 2012. Terry loves to perform and SixGun is excited to have him back in band again. Terry is a member of the Nashville Songwriter's Association and would love to one day accept an award for one of his many songs that he has written. Terry's love for music is only surpassed by his love for his family.

  Carmine Notaro

Carmine has been playing drums professionally since he was 16.  Early in his career, Carmine moved to California with a band called MESA and signed a recording contract with Areola America Records. He co-wrote their first single “Sailing Ships” which went nationwide, and charted at number 50 with a bullet on the Billboard Charts. In 1991, Carmine moved his family back to New York and formed the band High Noon. Carmine has worked with many Nashville artists including Charlie Daniels, Jodie Messina, The Lynn Twins, Victoria Shaw and the Mavericks. He has a wonderful voice and you will hear him sing lead or background vocals on most SixGun songs.  His unique style will grab your attention and make you groove.  Carmine loves to GROOVE…….

SixGun Hotline:  (631) 585-4540